"For big companies to change, we need to stop thinking like mechanics and to start acting like gardeners." Peter Senge


Effective and enabling leadership is widely recognised as critical to the success and sustainability of organisations. Many people in leadership roles are feeling under pressure from high expectations in terms of delivery coupled with equally high expectations in terms of treatment from those they lead. The way you and your team manage people and systems is what shapes your organisation. Making real breakthroughs in this area requires a deep understanding of effective leadership, as well as an ability to listen, reflect and act to inspire confidence and self esteem. I can work with you and your team on these challenging and rewarding issues.

Brian Wakley former CEO of CORD "David coached me when I became CEO at Cord and throughout my six years in the role. I met David 3-4 times per year to reflect with and discuss the changes I was trying to implement. Having someone to discuss my personal development with who was not on the Executive management team or Board of Trustees was highly valuable. David’s strength is listening and questioning which helped me review my progress and the influence I had on the organisation, its system and culture. An investment in David’s coachingwill pay dividends."

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