"Our task is to look at the world and see it whole" E F Schumacher

Strategic Visioning and Strategy Development

A good strategy is dependant on clarity of purpose, shared vision and "lived" values. These, alongside a clear understanding of the context in which an organisation works are the starting point for strategy development.

Much of my recent work has involved guiding organisations through the process of strategy development, often starting with facilitating workshops to develp shared vision and values followed up with detailed work developing strategic aims and supporting management teams and boards in thinking through how strategy will translate into action across the organisation.

An example of this was work done with Lepra a UK registered international leprosy charity focusing on people who find themselves trapped by disease, poverty and prejudice. Helpinng them to improve their health, lives and livelihoods.

The work involved facilitating a three day workshop for members of the organisation's international governance and management teams. We pulled together contributions from stakeholders in all the countries in which Lepra works and used this to develop a thorough understanding of the context of the work. The next stage in the workshop was building a shared vision and values. This was done using process in which all the workshop participants worked together building a shared vision. Working from this we went on to develop a set of strategic aims which are now beng used to guide the development of operational plans across the organisation.

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