"Less than 5 percent result from people committing errors. Human error is a negligible source of our problems. Yet because we don't understand systems, we act as though human error were the primary cause of our problems." Peter R Scholtes on errors in the workplace

Systems thinking and Process Improvement

Process Improvement work in Gondar UniversitySystems thinking helps organisation focus their efforts on improving how the work gets done rather than on who will carry the can or who should take the praise. It challenges traditional hierarchical thinking and instead encourages teams and team leaders to understand how processes can work together to focus an organisations efforts on a shared vision.

It gives an appropriate framework for you and your team to work with when developing strategy, as well as a framework which will help you to think deeply about the relationship between your organisation’s purpose, its context and key stakeholders.

Reliably delivering high quality outcomes for beneficiaries and clients needs good processes. Continuous Process Improvement moves away from the traditional approach of focusing on targets and personal performance by helping managers and work teams understand how to improve performance by building a deep understanding of key processes and putting energy into identifying, piloting and evaluating new ways of doing things. I can help you and your teams understand how process improvement can make a real difference. Using a range of participative tools and techniques to support the development of improvement projects focused on the core processes in your organisation.

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